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Jobsite Surfboard Factory is a surfboard production house located at the epicenter of waves in Portugal: Ericeira.

Just a few minutes from the best waves in Europe, Jobsite is focused on producing a varied and top quality spectrum of surfboards.

Working with renowned shapers and athletes across the world, Jobsite has been improving it’s art of designing and building surfboards since 2005.

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Board Building

Some shapers of internationally renowned brands see jobsite as their european home and use the best materials available on the market as well as the experienced factory team to produce the surfboards that make any surfer smile.

Glassing Services

The quality of the equipment and materials used have been so attractive over the last few years that many shapers, on their tours to portugal and europe, even if they did not belong to the house, choose jobsite for one of the most important jobs in finishing a surfboard: the glassing.

jobsite glassing
jobsite cnc Machine Cutting

Machine Cutting

The cutting-edge technology used in cutting boards – the shape3d program – unlike many other cutting machines on the market, is also able to work the rails of the board by introducing yet another aspect that gives the shape an even greater precision.

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